Gift Planning

The goal of gift planning is to fulfill your philanthropic wishes in coordination with your overall financial and estate planning. Whether you remember Johns Hopkins in your will or retirement plan, establish a gift that also provides income to you, or give appreciated stock, you ensure Johns Hopkins remains a global leader in education, research, and patient care for generations to come.

You can learn about the many ways to give that can also benefit you on this site. Also, you can call 410-516-7954 or 800-548-1268 to speak with a gift planning advisor or email us for more information.


How to Give

With thoughtful planning, you can leave a meaningful legacy to Johns Hopkins. Popular ways to make a legacy gift are through a will or trust. Your gift can support any area of Johns Hopkins, augment your current giving, and even establish an endowed fund.

Your benefits include:

  • Remaining in control of your assets during your lifetime
  • Modifying your plans if your needs change

How to make your gift:

  • Many types of assets can be given through your will or trust, including cash, stock, or mutual fund shares, and real estate

Learn more by reviewing our wills and trusts information sheet.

Kick-start your estate planning by downloading our free step-by-step guide. You can also contact us for a printed copy.

Get information on language to include in your will or trust.

Whether you wish to leave a legacy to Johns Hopkins or make a difference today, giving retirement assets is both convenient and tax-efficient. Your options include:

Retirement account beneficiary designation

  • Your benefits include:
    • Continuing to take tax withdrawals during your lifetime
    • Adjusting beneficiary designations as needed
    • Achieving favorable tax results for heirs
  • How to make your gift:
    • Request a beneficiary designation from your retirement plan administrator
    • Contact the Office of Gift Planning for next steps. Call 410-516-7954 or 800-548-1268 or email

IRA charitable rollover (for donors 70 ½ or older)

  • Your benefits include:
    • Avoiding tax on the distribution
    • Counting the transferred amount toward your required minimum distribution
  • How to make your gift:
    • Contact your IRA custodian and request that a distribution be made directly to Johns Hopkins
    • Provide your IRA custodian with our Tax ID number (52-0595110) and contact information
    • Let the Office of Gift Planning know your gift is on the way and provide your full name, address, and phone number, and the area of Johns Hopkins you wish to support

Learn more by viewing our retirement assets information sheet.

Giving stock and other appreciated securities directly to Johns Hopkins offers an appealing mix of tax benefits and direct support for Johns Hopkins. Appreciated securities are those that are worth more today than when you acquired them.

Your benefits include:

  • Receiving an immediate income tax deduction on the fair market value of your stock gift
  • Avoiding capital gains tax

How to make your gift:

Life income gifts provide income to you and future support for Johns Hopkins. Popular options include charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder unitrusts.

Your benefits include:

  • Income for you and/or a loved one
  • Favorable treatment of capital gains when you fund your gift with appreciated securities
  • Flexible options to choose from, with giving minimums as low as $10,000
  • Eligibility for a charitable income tax deduction

How to make your gift:

Learn more by viewing our charitable gift annuity and charitable remainder unitrust information sheets.

Whether you give to support Johns Hopkins now or in the future, contributing real estate is a way to make a generous gift that also provides tax advantages for you. Real estate can take many forms, including a primary residence, vacation home, or commercial property. There are varying ways to give, each with varying benefits, including:

  • An outright gift — you’ll receive a charitable income tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax
  • Through a will or trust — you can continue to use the property during your lifetime
  • Funding a charitable remainder trust — you can receive income for yourself and others

Learn more by viewing our real estate information sheet.

The Hopkins Founders’ Pledge is a mutual commitment — between select entrepreneurs and Johns Hopkins — in the form of promised time and money for Johns Hopkins and support, networks, and access for entrepreneurs.

  • Make a nonbinding pledge to support Johns Hopkins
  • Engage with our vibrant campuses and innovation ecosystem
  • After a liquidity event, you make a gift that is meaningful to you

Learn more here.

Share Your Plans

If your philanthropic plans include a gift to Johns Hopkins, please let us know. We want to make sure we understand your wishes and welcome you into the Johns Hopkins Legacy Society.

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