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Johns Hopkins University and Medicine offers opportunities for companies from all industries to engage with faculty, staff, and students in meaningful ways — and the Johns Hopkins Office of Corporate Relations is here to help.

Why Work with Hopkins

Companies work with universities to advance their R&D efforts, tap student talent, and engage leading experts to help them achieve their goals. Whether your company is looking to increase its visibility, connect with top research talent, recruit the next generation of innovators and leaders, offer educational opportunities to your leaders and teams, or share expertise in the classroom — our team of expert connectors looks forward to working with you.

How We Help

The Johns Hopkins Office of Corporate Relations is dedicated to building mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that align with and strengthen the Johns Hopkins mission of sharing knowledge with the world. Our team helps Hopkins researchers and companies decide which pathways are appropriate for each partnership and work with the researcher, the company, and other Hopkins colleagues to guide engagement strategies.

Start A Conversation and Learn More

If you would like to begin a conversation about corporate engagement with Hopkins, please contact Allison Wiles, director of the Office of Innovation Initiatives and Corporate Relations, at

For corporations seeking assistance in navigating sponsored research, intellectual property, and other contract opportunities, please contact Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures.