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Hopkins scholars are in constant pursuit of discovery — and some have earned a Nobel Prize in the process. Chances are, some of those scholars are working on a topic or cause you care about.

Your gift to fuel discovery can:

  • fight disease, helping our researchers and clinicians achieve breakthroughs against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and many others
  • accelerate innovation, enabling our faculty and students to develop answers to challenges and bring solutions from theory into practice
  • enrich society, seeding new knowledge in the humanities, political science, and the arts that can help increase understanding and bridge divides
  • endow professorships, department chairs, and other faculty support so we can continue to attract and retain world-class faculty

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By studying a cohort of more than 8,600 mother-infant pairs from birth through age 21, Krieger Professor Xiaobin Wang of the Bloomberg School of Public Health determined that chronic disease is a result of accumulative risk that begins even before a child is born.

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