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Hopkins researchers are in constant pursuit of discovery, leading to advancements in human knowledge to share with the world. Some have earned a Nobel Prize in the process. You can ensure their essential work continues.

Your gift to fuel discovery can:

  • endow professorships, department chairs, and other faculty positions so we can continue to attract and retain world-class faculty
  • fight disease, helping our researchers and clinicians achieve breakthroughs against cancer, heart disease, and many others
  • accelerate innovation, enabling our faculty and students to develop answers to challenges facing the environment, health, and society
  • establish international hubs for research and collaboration to offer multidisciplinary solutions to global problems

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“They saw you as people, not patients, and there's a real difference between those two,” Laura Schwinn says about the clinicians and caregivers in the Johns Hopkins Division of Cardiac Surgery, who treated her husband James for mitral valve disease.

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