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A Gift That Pays You Back

Take advantage of new rates for 2024! A charitable gift annuity (CGA) provides income to you and future support for Johns Hopkins.

View more information about making a gift through a Charitable Gift Annuity.Your benefits could include:

  • Fixed income for you and/or a loved one
  • Favorable treatment of capital gains when you fund your gift with appreciated stock or other securities
  •  Potential tax savings, including a charitable income tax deduction
  • The opportunity for donors age 70 ½ and above to fund a CGA with a one-time gift of up to $50,000 from their IRA.

How to make your gift:

  • Contact the Office of Gift Planning to speak with an advisor who will prepare a personal life income proposal. Call 800-548-1268 or email
  •  Calculate your potential benefits now with our gift calculator

For more details, view the charitable gift annuity information sheet.


What Will Your Legacy Be?

Choose a gift that is right for you and your goals.

Why I Give

"What I found was the more I did for Johns Hopkins, the more I learned about Johns Hopkins, the more I liked and respected Johns Hopkins. And I wanted to do more," says Michael Brenner, Engr '63 (PhD).

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