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Give Through a Will or Trust

With thoughtful planning, you can leave a meaningful legacy to Johns Hopkins. Popular ways to make a legacy gift are through a will or trust. Your gift can support any area of Johns Hopkins, augment your current giving, and even establish an endowed fund.

A small image of the cover of a yellow brochure with image of a woman in a blue dress, a women in a lab coat, and two men, one in a while lab coat and the other in green scrubs.Advantages to you:

  • Remain in control of your assets during your lifetime
  • Modify your plans if your needs change
  • Leverage many assets, including cash, stock, and real estate

How it works:

If you’re considering a gift to Johns Hopkins in your plans, it is best to contact the Office of Gift Planning at 410-516-7954 or You can also get information about naming Johns Hopkins as a beneficiary of a retirement plan.

To learn more, view the will and trust information sheet.


What Will Your Legacy Be?

Explore more ways to make a gift for the future.

Why I Give

“Once you have any kind of symptoms, it’s almost always too late,” said Ruth Kantor of her planned gift to benefit pancreatic cancer research. “I want to give people the opportunity to live longer.”

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