The Role of Volunteers at Johns Hopkins

The purpose of volunteer groups vary, but all advance the mission of the institution through counsel, advocacy, and financial support

The Johns Hopkins University and Medicine volunteer network consists of more than 2,000 extremely talented and dedicated individuals, ranging from boards of trustees, to divisional advisory boards and councils, to alumni groups, student support services, and more

There are three main categories of volunteers:

Volunteer: Any individual, not employed by the institution, who gives of their time, effort, or talent in support of Johns Hopkins University and Medicine.  

Alumni Volunteer: Degree or certificate holders of any of the institution’s academic programs who are valued advocates and connectors for Johns Hopkins. Alumni volunteers work closely with school and institutional leaders to connect with students, serve as conveners of alums across the globe, plan reunions for alumni, and are representatives for the institution. Some schools also include faculty fellow and house staff in their alumni population.

Leadership Volunteer: Those volunteers who sit on philanthropic advisory boards and councils across Johns Hopkins and support the institution through philanthropy, providing professional insight and expertise, and/or serving as a compelling advocate —extending and strengthening our philanthropic reach through their networks.  

Johns Hopkins volunteers can serve in multiple capacities across the institution and are not confined into just one category. 

There are several ways volunteers can advance the priorities of the institution:

  • Providing professional insight and expertise to institutional leaders, faculty, and students. 
  • Serving as compelling advocates and representatives. 
  • Extending and strengthening the institution’s philanthropic reach through personal and/or professional networks. 
  • Actively supporting the institution philanthropically through: 
    • annual gifts; 
    • stretch gift(s) at a financial level of personal significance;  
    • supporting campaign goals and initiatives (when in a fundraising campaign); 
    • and/or considering a planned gift. 
  • Participating in fundraising initiatives, such as: 
    • soliciting gifts; 
    • prospect identification and introduction to Development and Alumni Relations staff; 
    • thanking and recognition of gifts. 
  • Hosting and participating in meetings, dinners, events, etc. 
  • Attending and participating in advisory board/council meetings; coming prepared to meetings by reviewing agenda and any reading materials to further engage in meaningful discussion with fellow members and leadership. 
  • Networking with fellow Hopkins volunteers to expand knowledge of institutional programs and initiatives and broaden areas of interest. 

Having such an expansive volunteer community allows each individual to contribute in ways that are most meaningful to them, creating a collaborative and supportive environment where volunteers combine their unique talents for maximum impact.

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