We are building new spaces . . . 

Our campuses are ready to grow.

Johns Hopkins is stepping boldly into the future with a multi-year, multi-project building initiative. By 2025, we will open the doors on a facility designed to foster civic engagement, a social hub for all Hopkins students, and a building to promote collaboration in medical research and education, with even more on the horizon.

From labs to libraries to surgical suites, our physical spaces have always evolved to match the pace and ambition of our grandest ideas.

Now, we are once again ready to transform the ways we work, learn, and, most importantly, connect.

to create stronger communities . . .

The pandemic gave us a deeper understanding of the power of being physically together, while also showing us the possibilities that come with virtual connectedness. Johns Hopkins is building for a future that recognizes both these truths, and a vital part of this effort is our new facilities.

With your support, we can create spaces that are equal parts beautiful, functional, flexible, and innovative. They will be equipped to connect people from all corners of the globe while providing the essential places for gathering — places to study, places to share, places to form life-long connections.

Within new walls, we will find new ways to further our relentless pursuit of knowledge and truth.

and make a greater impact on the world.

From a chance encounter on the stairs to a scribbled note on a coffee shop napkin, small insights and passing ideas have the potential to develop into great discoveries.

Our university and our people thrive because of the incredible diversity and fellowship within and across our campuses — the closeness in which we work and the ways in which we inspire one another.

Johns Hopkins is stepping boldly into the future, confident in the power of transformative spaces and excited at what our people ― students, researchers, clinicians ― will discover next.

We are building community. Join us.

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