Children’s Choice

May 26, 2020

When they began working from home at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, John and Lindsey Kim realized they were saving money by not commuting to their jobs. They asked their children, Zoe and Evan, to help decide what to do with those savings, and John Kim shared that story with us. 

A selfie photo of John, Evan, Zoe, and Lindsey Kim standing near the side of a pond.
John (left) and Lindsey (right) Kim asked their children, Evan and Zoe (center, left and right) to decide where to donate the family’s gas-money savings to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We wanted our children to understand the hardships that people, families, and businesses are going through – that things were just going to be different for a little while, with both parents being at home, online distance learning, online church, or not being able to see friends or go to restaurants. My wife had made and donated masks with the help of our 8-year-old daughter. But then the question came up, can we do more?

“With us being able to work from home and saving gas money and other expenses, we asked our kids what we should do, because we felt that the extra money can be better used in other ways. As a family, we agreed upon donating to various organizations on a recurring basis to remind us all of the importance of the act of giving, donating, and helping others.

“The first one they chose to give to was the hospital, knowing how important they are. So we looked up Howard County General Hospital, which connected us to Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the rest is history.”



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