Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response: Donate and Lend Your Support

Why We Gave: COVID-19 Response Supporters

June 17, 2020

A chef in New York City struggling with anxiety. A teenager seeking to make a difference through her mitzvah project. A graduate student unable to go home to Turkey to see his family.

A collage of images depicting donors to Johns Hopkins' coronavirus response efforts.
Donors to Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 response funds included (clockwise from upper left) a surgery unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital; Dorukhan Doruk, a Turkish graduate student at Montana State University; Sharon Henderson of Dania Beach, Fla.; and Jake Johns, the artist behind this artwork called “Masked.”

These are just three of the tens of thousands of people from around the world who made a gift to Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 response funds.

Through the generosity of these people, Johns Hopkins has been able to equip our front-line health care workers to provide critical care to patients suffering from COVID-19. These gifts also have empowered Hopkins researchers from across the institution to conduct studies that contribute to the global understanding of the disease and how to treat it.

In the process, these donors have inspired us with their stories, some of which we’ve collected on this page.

Our thanks to each of them — and to all of you — for your support of Johns Hopkins.


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