A "Gateway" for Students to Make a Difference

December 10, 2018 by Renee Fischer

Students work more than 100,000 hours for Baltimore organizations through the Community Impact Internships Program

Awoenam Mauna-Woanya, Engr ’20, once heard his field, civil engineering, described as “engineering for the people.” In the summer of 2018, he put that adage into practice, working with the Maryland Transit Administration through Hopkins’ Community Impact Internships Program (CIIP).

Mauna-Woanya focused on North Avenue Rising, a project to support economic revitalization and improved mobility along one of Baltimore’s busiest corridors. It was one of dozens of internships awarded to Hopkins first-, second-, and third-year undergraduates on a competitive basis through CIIP. The program was established in 2011 by Jeff Aronson, A&S ’80, Parent ’13 and ’15, and chair of the university’s board of trustees, and his wife, Shari. Since then, Hopkins students have worked more than 100,000 hours for municipal and nonprofit organizations across the city.

“CIIP acts as a gateway for students to go out and make a difference,” Mauna-Woanya says.

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