Quick Study

How much data fuel the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard? What are the cancer risks as we age? Is the debate over corporate responsibility new in America?

These are just a few of the pressing issues Johns Hopkins faculty address every day.

Research and discovery are the lifeblood of our institution, and our faculty continually advance human understanding in disciplines from business and education to engineering and the humanities, from international relations and music to medicine, nursing, and public health.

And endowed professorships ensure our ability to attract and retain the top minds in these fields, who then inspire inquiry and creativity as they teach the next generation of innovators.

Below, meet some of our world-class faculty and hear how they tackle some big questions, and learn a thing or two – if you, too, are a quick study!

Ashani T. Weeraratna, PhD
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Cancer Biology
E.V. McCollum Professor and Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Bloomberg School of Public Health; School of Medicine

“Having endowed professorships means I can have license to do more innovative research that wouldn’t be typically funded by federal sources. These creative leaps push the field forward.” — Ashani T. Weeraratna

To learn more about Ashani’s work, click here and here.

Federico M. Bandi, PhD
James Carey Endowed Professor in Business
Carey Business School

“Because of the Carey name, I am reminded often of the association between my professorship and the division which I represent. It is a wonderful recognition of the work we have done to build an outstanding business school.” – Federico M. Bandi

To learn more about Federico’s work, click here.

Lisa Siraganian, A&S ’04 (PhD), JD
J.R. Herbert Boone Chair in Humanities
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

“My work crosses disciplinary boundaries, bridging law, literature, and philosophy. Receiving the named professorship supports and recognizes the thinking I do and gives me the time and space to do it.” – Lisa Siraganian

To learn more about Lisa’s work, click here.

Zane Forshee, Peab ’01 (MM), ’03 (GPD), ’11 (DMA)
Marc C. von May Distinguished Chair of Professional Studies
Peabody Institute

“My being named the Marc C. von May Distinguished Chair means that Peabody values my work in creating sustainable futures for the next generation of artists.” — Zane Forshee

To learn more about Zane’s work, click here.

Sergey Radchenko, PhD
Wilson E. Schmidt Distinguished Professor
School of Advanced International Studies

“The Wilson E. Schmidt Professorship has allowed me to work at the intersection of history and policy, build up trans-Atlantic ties, and take my research agenda to an entirely new level.” -Sergey Radchenko

To learn more about Sergey’s work, click here.

Lieny Jeon, PhD
Jeffrey Alexander Grigg Associate Professor
School of Education

“Dr. Grigg was one of my colleagues. So, I feel very honored that I have an opportunity to honor him through my research on ways to improve the early childhood education workforce.” — Lieny Jeon

To learn more about Lieny’s work, click here.

Jenell Coleman, MD, MPH
John G. Griffith, MD, Professor in Gynecology
School of Medicine

“Having an endowed professorship affords me the opportunity to pursue sexual and reproductive health research among women and girls, which is an underfunded area. Through my research and advocacy, the professorship allows me to honor Dr. John G. Griffith who was passionate about caring for underserved women.” – Jenell Coleman

To learn more about Jenell’s work, click here.

Craig Pollack, MD, MHS, MSc
Katey Ayers Endowed Professor
School of Nursing; Bloomberg School of Public Health

“The endowed professorship provides academic freedom to pursue questions in new ways, to hire students as research assistants and support their innovative ideas, and to form partnerships with policymakers to move the needle on these important issues.” -Craig Pollack

To learn more about Craig’s work, click here.

Lauren Gardner, PhD
Alton and Sandra Cleveland Endowed Professor
Whiting School of Engineering

“I really appreciate being named the Cleveland Professor, for both the external recognition and for the opportunities to explore research avenues I would not otherwise get to pursue.” — Lauren Gardner

To learn more about Lauren’s work, click here.